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Site Optimization > HTML Site Map

Optimize your site with an HTML Site Map

You can spend thousands of dollars to have a website developed with all the right content and eye appeal, and if no one can find it does you absolutely no good. RapidListings has taken all the steps to ensure that you not only have an attractive, lead generating site, but you have all the correct optimization tools to allow you to be easily indexed by the search enines.

What is it?

The HTML site map is an option you can turn on to display at the bottom of all your pages of your website. The benefit of having these links is not just for easy navigation of your website by your visitors, but more importantly for the search engine “spiders”. Typically the way a search engine “spider” works when it comes to your website, is that it records the all the content and meta-tags with your website programming. It will then follow each of the links on whatever page it landed on and continue to record each of the pages of your website. The site map option ensures that the search engine spider can find and record all of the pages of your website. This is a little different method from the Google Site Maps system which provides links directly to Google thru an XML feed.

Through your easy to use control panel you can easily select whether you would like to display a full site map or mini-site map.

What does it do?

The mini-site map displays in a neat and orderly display at the bottom of your website. The site maps link to all the content pages of your website. Any custom pages or custom forms that you add will be automatically added and centered at the bottom of your website

The full site map displays at the bottom of your website as well. It not only will display links to all of your content pages but it also links to your individual listing as well. The links to your listings include the listing title and price, which will help your listing pages rank better as well.