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Site Optimization > Pay Per Click Programs

Quick Set-up, Quick Results

Pay-per-click services are an excellent way to start generating traffic to your website, immediately. This is a good way to make better use of your new website while you are moving up through the search engine rankings and getting little natural results. What pay-per-click programs do is display your ad or link at the top of the search for the keywords you have bid on. When people click on your advertisement it brings them to whatever page of your website that you wanted them to land on. If your campaign is set-up properly, it will bring people to your website that have done a search for the exact service that your offering.

There are a few things you should be aware of when setting up your campaign- Choose your keywords wisely, look for less expensive keywords to bid on that will yield the same or similar results, start off with a low daily budget, make sure your website has the proper tools to turn your visitors into leads.

Choosing Keywords wisely

When choosing keywords for a pay-per-click campaign, you want your keywords to be a specific as possible. The reason for this is that you are paying money each time someone clicks on the link to your website. You do not want to drive traffic to your site that may not be looking for the service that you are offering, or may not be looking in the area that you offer your service. Here is some examples of keywords that a Real Estate agent in Miami Florida might pick-

Bad Examples

Real Estate - In this example, the keywords are not specific enough. Real Estate is what this agent is offering but, he would be paying for visitors that could be looking for real estate in other parts of the country and not in Miami, FL.

Florida Real Estate - Again, this search is not specific enough. Keywords like this will generate visitors to a website but they would be poorly targeted visitors that maybe looking for real estate in other parts of the state and not where this real estate agent is selling.

Homes For Sale - Too general, No specific location. Would generate visitors, that mostly likely are not looking for Homes in the Miami area.

Miami FL - Too general,  no service described. Would generate visitors that may be looking for services other than real estate related, in the Miami Area.

Good Examples

Miami FL Real Estate - Geographic location and service are described correctly. This would generate highly targeted leads that have done a search for the service and location that you are offering.

Miami FL Waterfront Homes - These keywords would drive visitors to a website that are looking for a specific niche of the real estate market.

South Beach FL Real Estate - Picking keywords that contain all the smaller towns within a city can generate traffic that you might not have gotten with the more general search of “Miami FL Real Estate”.

Look for “less expensive” keywords

You want to make sure you do bid on the more popular searches for your pay-per-click campaign. While you are setting up your campaign you may want to look for some of the less popular searches in your area, that will still drive quality leads to your website for a lot lower “pay-per-click” price. Often times you can come find keyword combinations that other agents have not thought of or bid on. There is one simple principle that you need to stick too when choosing ANY keywords for pay-per-click.

Be specific!

Do not worry about being too specific, because if the keywords you picked do not generate results you have not lost any money, you are only charged money when a lead is sent to your website.

Set A Low Daily Budget

After setting up your keywords, you will be able to set your daily budget. You will mostly likely want to keep your daily budget set low, to determine whether your keyword selection is going to drive the desired amount of traffic and results. Once you start generating the type of leads you want with your campaign you can increase your daily budget and your leads should increase proportionately.

Turn traffic into leads

Did you ever hear the old adage “You can lead a Horse to water, but you can’t make him drink”? The same is true with websites. You can drive traffic to a website, but if it does not have the content or lead generating tools it is of no benefit. Whether you are setting up a pay-per-click campaign or generating leads of your natural search engine ranking, it is essential that you have a website that provides the information that your visitors are looking for and the tools to turn those “lookers” into viable leads. RapidListings Professional Websites have the tools and content to retain your visitors and the tools that will turn the visitors into leads that are sent directly to your cell phone or e-mail. Not only are leads sent to you, but they are collected in a Contact Manager that will allow you to keep track of your all of the leads generated by your website and allow you to send mass e-mails to your growing contact base. When preparing your site for a pay-per-click campaign you want to make sure you have all the lead generating features turned on your website-

  1. Dream Home Finder
  2. Home Value Analysis
  3. Refer a Friend
  4. MLS e-mail Collector
  5. Lead generating IDX Feed
  6. Contact Page

These proven tools will help build your credibility as a real estate agent, increase the value of your website and the services your offer, and most importantly- Generate Leads!

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Find buyers searching for what you sell.