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Site Optimization > Colors Set The Mood

Put your visitors in a good mood just by the colors you use!

Did you know that colors invoke certain moods in people? When selecting the color scheme of pallette for your site you should consider what mood you want to set and choose your colors accordingly.

What the Experts Say

Many psychological studies have shown that our perception of color can influence our mood. For example, the blue color of the sky and ocean often invokes feelings of peace or strength. It is the number 1 favorite color of Americans and therefore a favorite on many corporate websites. Red, on the other hand, is a color full of excitement, power and passion and is often used as a contrast color on websites to make the site visitors stop and take a second glance.

When selecting the right color scheme for your site you need to keep in mind who your target audience is going to be and select your colors appropriately. Are your potential clients typically retired folks who prefer neutral colors with strong contrast between page and text as it is easier on the eyes? Or maybe your audience is new moms searching for baby clothes and toys who would respond well to soft pastels. And what about the consumptive teen set that typically respond well to bright and dynamic color schemes?

Remember that visitors to your website will form an impression within the first few seconds. A big part of that impression comes from the mood created by your color choices.

Where to Start

Use the colors in your company's logo to help you decide the colors of your website. You may choose to use the same colors as those in your logo or merely complimentary colors, but it is important to keep your logo in mind so your colors work well with it.

Reasearch Proven

Black is a color associated with tragedy and death. Blackfriars Bridge, in London, was a gloomy black structure known for its high rate of suicide. After the bridge was painted green, the suicide rate declined by over 34%.

In closing

Most clients use PC based browsers on computers with monitors that can process millions of colors. If you are concerned that your clients use older monitors, "accelerated browsing", or hand-held devices to visit your site, then you might want to consider sticking to "web-safe" color combinations (colors that look the same on most computer monitors).