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Site Optimization > Meta Tag Wizard

What Keywords does YOUR site come up for?

- Fine Tune your website to come up for specific keywords

- All Sites Are Generated and Optimized for your local area

- Easy to use Meta Tag Wizard gives you Optimization “secrets”

All of our websites are Highly Optimized for Search engine performance. Our on-page optimization is second to no other real estate website provider. When you create a website through RapidListings, your site is automatically embedded with the proper meta-tags to come up for popular searches in your local area. With your meta-tags (background programming) in combination with the On-page Optimization (your searchable text and content) of your website, not only will you come up for the keyword searches for your site, but you have the possibility of being found for any of the content on your website.

Our easy to use Meta-Wizard allows you to “dial-in” your site to come in for the particular keywords you would like to come up for. Our Meta-Wizard offers some helpful hints that will guide you in the selection of your Meta-tag settings. We give you the flexibility to change ANY of the Meta-tags recognized by the search engines.

Example Meta Wizard Screen

All edited features show on your site immediatly

Title Tag

This is the most important tag in your website programming. Search engines place a major importance on this tag. You want to place the MOST important keyword(s) that you would like to come up for in the search engines. It is not recommended that you place your name, company name, or slogan in this area, unless they are the keywords that you want to be found for when people do searches in the search engines.

Keyword Tag

This is the area where you would type in different key phrases that you would like your site to come in for. Although it is tempting to place high volume of different phrases you want to come up for, we recommend that clients keep it limited to 20 phrases or less. The more phrases that are placed in these tags, the harder it is to come up for any one of them.

Description Tag

This should be a brief description of what your website is about. Search engines do not typically place a high importance on this Tag but they sometimes use the wording from it for their search results to describe your website.

Other Tags

We have also included controls for other less important Meta-Tags. RapidListings believes in offering as much flexibility as possible so that agents and/or web designers have the tools they need to be successful in their fields.