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Listing Options > Listing Share Program

More Listings, More Leads

The RapidListings Share Program allows multiple real estate websites to share listings between one another. Simple settings in your control will allow you to share your listings with selected agents, multiple agents, or no other website at all. This opt in program is ideal for small companies, partners, corporations or even individuals with multiple RapidListings websites.

How the program works

Each RapidListings website comes with a unique “listing share number”. Simply exchange these numbers between the RapidListings sites and set the proper permissions in the User Control Panel. This will allow each website to pull the listing information from the other’s listing database. Each time a listing is added on either one of the “now connected” sites, the listing will automatically display on both sites. Share with any other agent anywhere in the country as long as they use a RapidListings website.

Through this system small real estate companies or even the larger corporations can set up their own “virtual listing database” they can be shared and displayed by all of their authorized real estate agents that are using RapidListings.