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Design Options > Customizable Navigation

Unmatched Flexibility. Unmatched Results.

With our Navigation Wizard you can easily make changes to your navigational button names and the order in which your buttons are displayed. This is especially important in today’s real estate market. You can use this feature to personalize your site and “fine tune” it to focus in on the areas of real estate that you specialize in.

Link Order/Renaming

With the custom menu switch you have the ability to chose whether you want to organize your links the way you want or if you just want to use the default order.

If you chose to customize your navigation you can select the order in which your links are displayed by using the simple drop down menu to select which order they will be in.

The rename button allows you to customize the text for a specific link. This will work for all standard links as well as any custom links/pages you may add.

Changes made to your Customizable Navigation are displayed immediately on your website.

With the re-naming feature you can make changes to any of the button names. For instance you could change the “My Listings” button to say “Suzy’s Listings”.

Because the navigational buttons on your website are made with text links you can also use this to optimize the subsequent pages of your website. For instance, changing the button “My Listings” to “Miami FL Homes” will help your listings page come in better for the search “Miami FL Homes”. When designing our program all consideration was given to how your site will perform in the search engines. After all if no one can find your site, then it is absolutely worth nothing.

Organize your buttons so that the pages that you want your visitors to focus on are in a more prominent position. In most cases, website visitors will go directly for your listing pages first and then look at your subsequent pages. For this reason, it is important that you have listings with lots of pictures and information available. Whenever possible IDX/MLS feed is highly advisable, because it will provide a high volume of listings that are current and that automatically displayed within your site with out having to upload them yourself.